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Where Life Begins

for Seniors & Teens

Our most vulnerable family members!

Our Mission is to create a better tomorrow in the community today by promoting community
values, diversity, and individuality through our Hands & Heart.

All Hands and Heart, Inc., Morehouse Parish, LA intergenerational mentoring program that brings elderly and youth together to engage, inspire and motive each other – offering a new outlook and perspective on life.

Find the Help You Need


All Hands and Hearts provide youth with the support, relationships, experiences,
resources and opportunities needed to become successful and competent adults.


Seniors also experience the social connections and sense of purpose needed to bring back a sense of joy, while reducing the onset of life-threatening health conditions, and boosting life expectancy.


Research on intergenerational mentoring has confirmed, that engaging the young and the elderly in social activities produce positive outcomes for both parties?



Senior Citizen (Mentor) Benefits

  • Seniors experience an increase in self-confidence and worth

  • Seniors have improvement in memory

  • Seniors gain better hand-eye coordination

  • Seniors improved social skills

  • Seniors have a reduction in stress

  • Seniors have a reduction in life-threatening health conditions

  • Seniors have an improved outlook on life



Youth (Mentee) Benefits

  • Youth learn and develop new interests

  • Mentors can help improve a young person’s self-esteem

  • Mentors help with homework and can improve their mentees’ academic skills

  • A young person with mentor is less likely to be involved in risky behavior

  •  Young people learn how to relate well to all kinds of people and their communication skills are strengthened.

  • Young people have an improved outlook in life

  • Youth learn to appreciate education

  • With mentor support, youth set career goals and take steps to realize them

Program Benefits

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